Closed November 19 -23.  See you Friday, Nov 24th!
Open Mic featuring Jason Mancine – Wednesdays @ 7pm
Chase’s Trivia – Thursdays @ 6pm (will be changing back to Monday soon)
Friday 11/24 Dyer & The Daydreamers  8pm
Saturday 11/25 Sassquatch 9pm
Friday 12/1 The Workin’ Dead 8pm
Saturday 12/2 Middle Ground 9pm
Friday 12/8 Stonewall Chrome 9pm
Saturday 12/9 Keanu Keanu (Dominic Lavoie) 9pm
Friday 12/15 The Shakes 9pm
Saturday 12/16 Slygo Road 9pm
Friday12/22 Stonewall Chrome 9pm
Saturday 12/23 All Night Rascals (Steve Jones) 9pm
Tuesday 12/26 Mike Rodrigue 7pm
Wednesday 12/27 Open Mic featuring J Mancine 7pm
Thursday 12/28 Lena Rich & Friends 7pm
Friday 12/29 The Shakes 9pm
Saturday 12/30 The Grumps 9pm
Sunday 12/31  NYE Party with The Mallett Brothers Band 10pm
Tuesday 01/02 Jason McClure 7pm
Wednesday 01/03 Open Mic featuring J Mancine 7pm
Thursday 01/04 Mason Strunk 7pm
Friday 01/05 Stonewall Chrome 9pm
Saturday 01/06 A Mighty Lion 9pm
Sunday 01/07 Lean Rich & Friends 5pm
Monday 01/08 Chase’s Trivia 6pm
Tuesday 01/09 Jason McClure 7pm
Wednesday 01/10 Open Mic featuring J Mancine 7pm
Thursday 01/11 Mason Strunk 7pm
Friday 01/12 The Shakes 9pm
Saturday 01/13 SKOSH 9pm
Sunday 01/14 Carmen & The Detour Project 5pm
Monday 01/15 Chase’s Trivia 6pm
Tuesday 01/16 Jason McClure 7pm
Wednesday 01/17 Open Mic featuring J Mancine 7pm
Thursday 01/18 Steve Jones & Erik Glockler 7pm
Friday 01/19 Stonewall Chrome 9pm
Saturday 01/20 Sparks The Rescue 9pm
Sunday 01/21 Dyer & The Daydreamers 5pm
Monday 01/22 Chase’s Trivia 6pm
Tuesday 01/23 Jason McClure 7pm
Wednesday 01/24 Open Mic featuring J Mancine 7pm
Thursday 01/25 TBA 7pm
Friday 01/26 The Shakes 9pm
Saturday 01/27 Zeme Libre 9pm
Sunday 01/28 TBA 7pm