Tuesday, Feb 9 Jay McClure 7pm
Wednesday, Feb 10 Open Mic 7pm
Thursday, Feb 11 Jordan Kaulback 7pm
Friday, Feb 12 Pardon Me, Doug – A Tribute to Phish 9pm
Saturday, Feb 13
Chris Ross & The North 9pm
Sunday, Feb 14 The Workin’ Dead 8:30pm

Monday, Feb 15 Chase’s Trivia 7pm
Tuesday, Feb 16 Ben Kilcollins 7pm
Wednesday, Feb 17 Open Mic 7pm

Thursday, Feb 18 Mike Rodrigue 7pm

Friday, Feb 19 North of Nashville Duo 9pm
Saturday, Feb  20 North of Nashville Band CD Release Party 9
Sunday, Feb 21 Bob Colwell Trio 5:30pm

Monday, Feb 22 Chase’s Trivia 7pm
Tuesday, Feb 23 Nick Racioppi 7pm
Wednesday, Feb 24 Open Mic 7pm
Thursday, Feb 25 Pitch Black Ribbons 7pm
Friday, Feb 26 Steve Jones Trio 9pm
Saturday, Feb 27 Annie In The Water 9pm
Sunday, Feb 28 Carmen & The Detour Project 5:30pm
Monday, Feb 29 Chase’s Trivia 7pm

Tuesday,  Mar 1 Mike Krapovicky 7pm
Wednesday, Mar 2 Open Mic 7pm
Thursday, Mar 3 Jeff Kilton 7pm
Friday, Mar 4 Jon King Trio 9pm
Saturday, Mar 5 JT Lockwood Band 9pm

Sunday, Mar 6 Jay McClure Trio 5:30pm

Monday, Mar 7 Chase’s Trivia 7pm
Tuesday, Mar 8 Jason Mancine 7pm
Wednesday, Mar 9 Open Mic 7pm
Thursday, Mar 10  7pm
Friday, Mar 11 Vinyl Tap 9pm
Saturday, Mar 12 Ghost of Paul Revere
Sunday, Mar 13   Jordan Kaulback 5:30pm

Monday, Mar 14 Chase’s Trivia 7pm
Tuesday, Mar 15 Gareth 7pm
Wednesday, Mar 16 Open Mic 7pm

Thursday, Mar 17 Mike Rodgrue 7pm

Friday, Mar 18 Scolded Dogs 9pm
Saturday, Mar 19 Jason Spooner Band 9pm 

Sunday, Mar 20 Steve Jones Trio 5:30pm
Monday, Mar 21
Chase’s Trivia 7pm

Tuesday, Mar 22  Ron Bergeron 7pm
Wednesday, Mar 23 Open Mic 7pm
Thursday, Mar 24  Turner Templeton 7pm
Friday, Mar 25 The Grumps 9pm
Saturday, Mar 26 The 220’s 
Sunday, Mar 27 Turner Templeton 5:30pm

Monday, Mar 28 Chase’s Trivia 7pm
Tuesday, Mar29 Ryan Halliburton 7pm
Wednesday, Mar 30 Open Mic 7pm

Thursday, Mar 31 TBA 7pm