We are closed Nov 22-26th.  Happy Thanksgiving!!  Think Snow…

Friday, Nov 27 Steve Jones Trio 9 pm
Saturday, Nov 28 Tomorrow Morning 9pm

Sunday, Nov 29 Chase’s Trivia 7pm


Wednesday, Dec 2 Open Mic 7pm
Thursday, Dec 3  Will & Andrew (Mallett & Martelle) 7pm 
Friday, Dec 4 Slygo Road 9pm 
Saturday, Dec 5 Keanu Keanu (featuring Dominic Lucid) 9pm 
Sunday, Dec 6 Chase’s Trivia 7pm
Wednesday, Dec 9 Open Mic 7pm
Friday, Dec 11 Status Quohog 9pm
Saturday, Dec 12 Scolded Dogs 9pm

Sunday, Dec 13 Chase’s Trivia 7pm

Wednesday, Dec 16 Open Mic 7pm
Thursday, Dec 17  Will & Andrew (Mallett & Martelle) 7pm
Friday, Dec 18 Iron Rangers 9pm

Saturday, Dec 19 The Still 9pm

Sunday, Dec 20 Chase’s Trivia 7pm

Wednesday, Dec 23 Open Mic 7pm
Friday, Dec  25 Jordan Kaulback 9pm
Saturday, Dec 26 The Shakes Trio 9pm
Sunday, Dec 27
 Bob Colwell Trio 5:30pm

Monday, Dec 28 Chase’s Trivia 7pm
Wednesday, Dec
30 Open Mic 7pm

Thursday, Dec 31 New Year’s Eve with Sly-Chi 10pm 


Friday, Jan 1 Ed’s Meds 9pm 
Saturday, Jan 2 The 220’s 9pm 
Sunday, Jan 3 Jay McClure Trio 5:30pm
Monday, Jan 4 Chase’s Trivia 7pm
Tuesday, Jan 5 Mike Reny 7pm
Wednesday, Jan 6 Open Mic 7pm
Thursday, Jan 7 Jeff Kilton 7pm
Friday, Jan 8 A Mighty Lion 9pm
Saturday, Jan 9  The Mallett Brothers Band 9pm

Sunday, Jan 10 Jason Mancine 5:30pm
Monday, Jan 11 Chase’s Trivia 7pm
Tuesday, Jan 12 Mike Krapovicky 7pm
Wednesday, Jan 13 Open Mic 7pm
Thursday, Jan 14  Mike Rodrigue 7pm
Friday, Jan 15 Sparks The Rescue 9pm

Saturday, Jan 16 Pete Kilpatrick Band 9pm

Sunday, Jan 17 Dum Bum 7pm

Monday, Jan 18 Chase’s Trivia 7pm

Tuesday, Jan 19 Brendan Lake 7pm
Wednesday, Jan 20 Open Mic 7pm
Thursday, Jan 21 Ron Bergeron 7pm
Friday, Jan 22 OC and The Offbeats 9pm
Saturday, Jan 23 Dean Ford & The Keepsakes 9pm
Sunday, Jan 24
Steve Jones Trio 5:30pm

Monday, Jan 25 Chase’s Trivia 7pm
Tuesday, Jan 26 Ryan Halliburton 7pm
Wednesday, Jan 27
Open Mic 7pm

Thursday, Jan 28 Will & Andrew 7pm (Mallett & Martelle)

Friday, Jan 29 Tricky Britches 9pm
Saturday, Jan 30 Van Burens 9pm
Sunday, Jan 31 Turner Templeton 5:30pm